For the needs of a photographer, Lightroom is sufficient, it will cover all the needs in terms of sorting/selecting images, and will offer almost all the tools necessary for a complete post-processing of photographs.

As for Photoshop, it is a global image software; it is possible to use it to make a graphic design, draw, cut out, make photomontages, 3D, etc... Its potential of use is much wider than that of retouching. For many photographers, this software brings too many tools for a "simple" photographic retouching. It is therefore possible to use Photoshop as a software for retouching Raw files (via the Camera Raw plugin), and Adobe Bridge for sorting/selecting images, but this solution is less ergonomic and more expensive (Photoshop being available at a rather high price).

It is necessary to install the software on your laptop before your course. First, you can install a trial version from the Adobe website; you will then be able to use the software for 7 days.

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