All of our gift cards are sent by email, in PDF, in the hour following the purchase.

While ordering a gift card you can choose between two options:

  • “Send me the gift card within the hour – I’ll print and give it to the recipient myself.” In this case, you will receive the gift card in PDF format via e-mail within one hour. You can print the PDF (300 dpi) on standard A4 paper, but once the card is cut to its final format it will be an A5 (and will fit nicely within an envelope).
  • “Send the gift card directly to the recipient on the date chosen below.” In this case, you will be asked to select a date on which the gift card recipient will receive an e-mail indicating the gift sent on your behalf with a PDF attachment. Don’t worry – your secret is safe with us! We will not communicate with the recipient before your selected date.

In both cases, the gift card doesn’t have a due date, and can be used at any moment.
If you haven't received your card, please contact us at 

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