A THE PHOTO ACADEMY gift card has many advantages: 

  • No expiration date

  • Delivered immediately, in PDF format by email

  • Choice of location, theme and date of the course for the recipient

  • Easy for the recipient to book: directly on our website using to the code on the card!

1/ To book a gift card, go to "Gift Cards" on the menu at the top of the site

Offer photography courses - gift cards

2/ Choose next in which country you wish to purchase a gift card

3/ Choose a gift card and personalize it!

On the next page, you will find different types of card. Choose the one you like and click on "buy now".

A pop-up will open. With this questionnaire you'll fill up your details to personalize the gift card and do your payment. You need less than 5 minutes to make the card! 🎉

example of popup opening with selecting the "free amount" gift card.

Payment screen at the end of the questionnaire

When you press "Submit & Pay", the order is processed and you received the card in your email box a couple of minutes later.

⚠︎ Attention: the email may arrive in your spam box

Additional details : 

  • With a gift card, you do not need to choose the theme or date of the course

  • The card can be used on any type of course (for example, you bought a "1 workshop of 3h30" card, if the recipient wishes to book a private course, he can use his card and pay only the difference!)

  • If the card is not fully used, the recipient will have a credit 

  • Gift cards are not refundable under any circumstances

⤵️⤵️⤵️ Example of how a gift card looks like (A5 format) ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Retrieving a gift card

Book a photography course with a gift card

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