You want to offer a photography course to a friend or family member but you don't know her or his level?

Don't worry, you don't have to immediately choose the subject of the course!
Here's why


"What are the course subjects that the recipient can follow?"

1/ We have 10+ workshops of 3h30

☞ These courses take place on location with a dedicated trainer

  • 4 for beginners (Camera settings, Aperture and depth of field, Speed and movement, Light and focus)

  • 7 for intermediates (Review the essentials, Composition, Low light photography, Portrait, Black and White, Street Photography, Architecture)

2/ We have 20+ Online workshops of 2h30 or 3h30

☞ These courses take place online with a dedicated trainer

  • For both 📸 and 📱

  • From mastering camera or phone settings to retouching, video etc.

3/ We also have several packs of workshops that come with an extra discount

  • For example: Introductory package for beginners

  • Or Artistic package: 4 workshops to choose from several 'classic' themes such Portrait, Black&White, Street Photography, etc

🙋‍♀️ We will always provide advice prior to booking to guide the recipient to the course that suits best!



" How does it work in practice? "

☞ If you choose a card corresponding to one or more workshops, the recipient can still use the corresponding value for any type of course he or she wants.

☞ If you choose a card corresponding to a monetary value, the recipient can use that value for any type of course he or she wants.


" What with the remaining value? "

☞ If he or she chooses a course of a lower price, the recipient will have a credit that can be used freely on any course.

☞ If he or she chooses a course of a higher price, he will only have to pay the difference.


" When do the gift cards expire? "


Our gift cards have no expiration date, and if the totality is not used on a reservation, the credit remains usable by the recipient, but no refunds can take place (gift cards are not refundable). But we propose new subjects regularly so we're confident the card will be used till the last drop! 😄


How the recipient can use the gift card to book a course

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