The title of your gift card shows which course you can book. 

You don't know your level in photography? Answer this little orientation test to help you choose your course! 

We have 11 workshops of 3h30

  • 4 for beginners (Camera settings, Aperture and depth of field, Speed and movement, Light and focus)
  • 7 for intermediates (Review the essentials, Composition, Low light photography, Portrait, Black and White, Street Photography, Architecture)

We have 2 packs of 4 workshops of 3h30

If you choose a course of a lower price, you will receive a credit, and if you choose a course of a higher price, you will only have to pay the difference. 

If you have received a card for an amount, without a title, you can spend it as you wish on any course. 

Our gift cards do not have a expiration date, and if the totality is not used on a reservation, the credit remains usable, however this one will not be refunded under any circumstances (gift cards are not refundable). 

*If you do not know all your availability, it will be possible to modify the date of your course (see conditions).

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