Both certifications offer an extensive learning of photography. However, while the "Advanced" level is based on 10 courses, the "Master" level is obtained after completing 16 courses.

The skills common to both certifications are:

  • Complete control of your camera

  • A good foundation in night photography, portraiture, composition/framing, monochrome photography

  • Mastery of the Lightroom interface, and the ability to sort your images within the software

  • The ability to edit images in Lightroom

Additional skills for the "Master" level are:

  • A good foundation in architectural photography, street photography, reportage

  • A basic knowledge of the history of photography

  • The ability to select and serialize images

  • Mastery of the Photoshop interface, understanding of how it works and the use of its main tools

Certification Technical and creative photography

Certification Technical and creative photography: Master

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