From your Personal account, you can check the status of your certifications, in progress or obtained.

How do I validate and get my certification?

From your Personal Account, you must first validate your certification. To do this, you must accept with just one click, the security conditions and terms of our partner Smart Certificate™. After this you can click on "Download my certification".

> Download my certification

> First accept the Smart Certificate™ security conditions and terms. You will only have to accept them one time, for your first certification.

> Then you can validate your certification

And then it's to you to decide what you want to do with it: Download a PDF, share your certification via LinkedIn, Facebook, by email...

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How to complete a new certification ?

Once in your Personal Account, you may find that you are only one or two courses away from completing a new certification. If this is the case, we’ll happily assist you in getting the skills you need to take this next step in your photographic journey. Simply select the course of your choice, click on "Order" and proceed with the purchase.

In order to obtain the number of credits necessary to get a new skill, you can choose from different kinds of course: online course, in-person course, trimester online.

What do I do if one of my courses doesn't appear in my Personal account?

If you notice that one of the courses you’ve taken in the past does not appear in your completed courses, please contact us by email [[email protected]] or via the chat function on our website. We will be sure to correct the situation as quickly as possible once we did the necessary verification.

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