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I bought a THE PHOTO ACADEMY voucher on another platform. How can I book on your website?

If you have purchased a voucher on Groupon, click on the corresponding link below to retrieve your gift card. The code to convert is on your Groupon coupon:


Once the code has been converted via the form above, you will receive an email with a gift card or voucher with a new code in just a few minutes. This new code (which is a gift card code and not a discount code) can be used on our website to book one or more courses depending on the available balance. Please be sure to check your spam box.
This new code has no expiration date.

Have your code ready and follow the steps carefully.

Pay attention to the validity date of your code.

Do you experience a problem when retrieving your gift card or do you have additional questions? Contact us at this address providing as many details as possible: contact[at]

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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