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Which course can I book with my gift card?

Most of the time, your gift card has a heading that specifies the number of lessons for which it is valid, for example "a 3h30 group lesson". Likewise, the value is almost always mentioned at the bottom of the card in light grey, so as not to make it too prominent and/or so that the buyer can cut or crop the document so that this mention is not visible.

If this is not the case, you can simulate a booking by adding the date of a course to the basket, and entering your card code at checkout to see the amount of the booking.

You can also send your card code to so that we can inform you of the exact amount on your card.

ATTENTION: If you book a workshop for less than the amount on your gift card, the remaining amount will be recorded in your gift card code so that you can use it for another booking. If you book a workshop for more than the amount of your gift card, you will only have to pay the difference.

Our gift cards have no expiry date and are non-refundable.

*If you are not entirely sure of your availability, it will be possible to change the date of your course, subject to 7 working days' notice. (on written request only, please check our terms and conditions).

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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