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Which course can I book with my gift card?

The title of your gift card usually indicates the workshop(s) it is valid for. 

For example, 1 workshop (3.5-hour group class)

If this is not the case, you can simulate a reservation by adding the date of a class to the shopping cart, and by entering the code of your card at the checkout in order to visualize the amount of your card.

You can also send us your code at [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#7a1915140e1b190e3a0e121f0a12150e151b191b1e1f170354191517) and we will communicate the exact amount of your card.

NOTE: If you book a workshop of a lower price than the amount of your Gift Card, the remaining amount will be store in your same Gift Card code for you to use it for another booking. In case you book a workshop of a higher price than the amount of your Gift Card, you will only have to pay the difference. 

Our Gift Cards do not have an expiration date and are non-refundable.

*If you are not totally sure of your availability, it will be possible to modify the date of your course with a maximum delay of 7 working days. (upon request only, verify terms and conditions).

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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