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How does THE PHOTO ACADEMY gather customer feedbacks

In an increasingly connected world, sharing customer experiences and opinions has become an essential element for any company wishing to improve and grow. THE PHOTO ACADEMY, renowned for its high-quality photography workshops, is a company that takes the opinions of its students very seriously. This article looks at the customer review recovery process implemented by THE PHOTO ACADEMY since 2017.

The process:

- Sending the review request:

After taking part in one of THE PHOTO ACADEMY's workshops, whether it's a workshop on the basics of digital photography, using lenses, motion capture, or managing light and manual mode, each student receives, in the week following the course, a request to share their opinion on the workshop they took part in.

- Writing the feedback (optional):

Students are then invited to write a detailed review, sharing their experience, the strong points of the course, and any suggestions for improvement. This stage allows students to express their satisfaction and provide constructive feedback.

- Specific Questions and Ratings in the Notices:

In addition to inviting students to write a detailed review, THE PHOTO ACADEMY includes three specific questions in its feedback form, each asking for a score out of 10:

- Satisfaction with workshop content:

Students are asked to rate their satisfaction with the content of the workshop they attended. This provides valuable insight into the relevance and usefulness of the topics covered during the workshop.

- Pedagogy of the trainer :

A second key indicator is the trainer's ability to convey knowledge effectively. Students rate the trainer's pedagogy, which allows THE PHOTO ACADEMY to ensure that its trainers maintain high teaching standards.

- NPS (Net Promoter Score) recommendation question:

This question asks students to rate, on a scale of 0-10, how likely they would be to recommend the workshop to a friend or colleague. This indicator is extremely important as it measures overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The answers to these questions are then analysed by THE PHOTO ACADEMY, feeding a continuous improvement strategy.

[Read an article about the details of NPS and find the NPS of THE PHOTO ACADEMY](

- Publication of feedback (optional):

If the student so wishes, their feedback can be published on THE PHOTO ACADEMY website. This gives future students the opportunity to find out about the experiences of previous participants, and to make an informed choice about the workshops that interest them.

This feedback can therefore be made up of:

- A rating out of 5 stars, corresponding to satisfaction with the course content.

- Any comments (otherwise noted as -/-).

- Review analysis :

THE PHOTO ACADEMY then analyses the reviews received to identify strengths and areas for improvement. This enables the company to tailor its workshops to the needs and expectations of the students.

Importance of the feedback :

Improved course quality: By taking student feedback into account, THE PHOTO ACADEMY can continually improve the quality of its workshops and ensure that they meet participants' expectations.

Trust and transparency: By publishing reviews on its website, THE PHOTO ACADEMY demonstrates its transparency and commitment to student satisfaction. This helps build trust with actual and future students.

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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